Career Accelerator Program

Watch 4 examples of the 67 episodes of the mini-drama series followed by a Gogglebox-esque discussion forum (feedback section), moderated by a real life MD of a Fortune 500 company.

Step forward

Step forward discussion

Demonstrate integrity

Demonstrate integrity discussion

Show emotional intelligence

Show emotional intelligence discussion

Keep presentations brief

Keep presentations brief discussion

About the Mentor


A managing director at a Fortune 500 company, Michael has had an impressive trajectory managing large global Technology teams, and multi-million dollar programs across major cities like London, Tokyo, Frankfurt and New York.


About the Maker

Somi Arian

Somi Arian is a Filmmaker, Millennial Engagement Specialist, the Founder of Smart Cookie Media and Co-Founder of Career Drive.

During her MPhil research in Political Philosophy at St Andrews University, Somi became interested in the impact of technology on the society and how habits are formed in the digital native generation.


Your Millennial Engagement Guide

What Students Say

I’m hooked

“I can’t tell if I’m hooked on the series or the lessons that follow” Gareth

Depth and insight

“The discussion videos really help provide more depth and insight into what not to do at work” Dasha

High profiled executive

“I would have never had the chance to have mentoring by such a high profiled executive” Miftin

Boost Your Career

Gather the right skills to progress in your career, beyond technical training.

Learn from a Top Expert

Have direct access to a managing director of a top Fortuner 500 company. Gain insight into the experiences he has overcome throughout his career.

Unique Content for our Students

This is what they don't teach you at college: people skills are the root and key to the success of any high-profile executive.

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